New teachers are drowning in information.

Lake Valley Education's professional development program focuses on the practical skills needed to be a successful visual art teacher. Give teachers exactly what they need without overwhelming them with information that they aren't ready for.

What's Included?

  • The logistics of teaching art
  • How to decode standards, develop lesson plans, and interpret curriculum
  • How to develop relationships with students and foster a positive classroom environment
  • Art classroom arrangement and management
  • Budgeting, purchasing, and inventory management
  • Pedagogy development and education law
  • Substitute teacher preparation
  • Program advocacy and fundraising support

What's Not?

  • Lesson plans and curriculum
  • Advanced technique tutorials
  • Posters, worksheets, handouts, and student activities

Great teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds.

The traditional path to becoming a visual art teacher has changed. With increased flexibility, there’s more pressure on the district to get teachers up to speed.

New Art Education Graduates
Trained Visual Artists Without Education Experience
General Education Teachers Without an Art Background
Veteran Art Teachers Looking for a Fresh Perspective

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